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Pisces Lounge Bar & Leo's Pub

Pisces Lounge Bar

Fourth Floor
Welcome to the 'Pisces Lounge Bar' where you can enjoy your food drinks in comfortable luxury, while also enjoying the fantastic, birds eye view of Manipal, Udupi and whole view of the city around you.
lounge bar
Rustic charm
The tastefully decorated PLB has an amazing, well stocked bar that serves world-class Mocktails, Cocktails and other beverages, along with your favorite food from Pisces. Catch live TV action on the video wall or groove to beats of the latest music played by the DJ.
lounge bar
First Lounge Bar
There is no better place to enjoy the beautiful view of manipal and udupi than Pisces Lounge Bar. It stands out for its fantastic services, great ambiance ,excellent quality food at an affordable price & also has the credit of being the first Lounge bar in & around udupi.

Leo's Pub

Ground Floor
A pub with a friendly atmosphere, cheerful bartenders - and good drinks.
Redefine Yourself !
Leo's Pub
A place with a lively decor & quality foods. We serve a large range of Beverages & sea food with unique innovations in it that will blow your bind. we have no doubt that Leo's Pub will become one of your favorite destinations.It is a kind of place where you are always greeted by smiling faces, where good friends meet and share good times; where you feel at home whether it's your first visit or it's your 100th; and the kind of place our guests are proud to call their own.
we are committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers, by providing superior service and delicious quality food at affordable prices. We are thankful for our kind customers and staff who have made it possible for us to continually move forward.

Come to PLB and experience what you have been

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